Memento Vivere

by The Fakirs

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Guillaume OOS
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Guillaume OOS Great Noisy / Grunge combo.
Fucking drums, infectious riffs and nice vocals. Favorite track: Blinder.
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released December 12, 2015


The Fakirs: Kévin Mendiola - Batterie, Olivier Galand - Guitare/Chant

1 & 2 enregistrés et mixés au studio Les Fils de Cras par Olivier Didillon
3 à 7 enregistrés et mixés par Rémi, Gabin et Léo à La Tannerie
Masterisé par RecorDid Studio

The Fakirs remercient l'Addim, la Tannerie et Bruno DSL pour leur soutien
Artwork: Joseph Dérens

© The Fakirs - Décembre 2015 -



all rights reserved


The Fakirs Bourg En Bresse, France

The Fakirs est un duo.
C'est une amitié en soudure par point,
une vitalité en cavale,
un ciment fertile pour ici et maintenant,
The Fakirs, c'est deux hommes, qui bouillent à venir
chez vous,
chez toi, agiter les molécules en présence.
Et déguster pleinement ce qui vient.
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Track Name: Carapace
As soon as we are born, we learn to survive,
it's still the morn', but we have to dive

to be yourself, to find ourselves

And we were told, that it will be rough
there will be cold, and we got to be tough

Just to grow up, we got to shut
Just to grow up, we need to puff
Just to grow up, we got to shut
the little voice, within our heart

We're told to be quiet, we're told to be
agressive, submissive
addicted, exhausted
Track Name: From No one to nobody
An absence, a presence, death is a presence of an absence
a presence, an absence, death is an absence of a presence
A legacy of flesh and bones, a memory from the eyes of the cyclone

Sublime it's time to wake up from dogma time
Decline, it's time to kindle our cosmic spark

From no one to nobody...
Track Name: Geronimo
Je manque de veine, que le sang accours
que la sève crève, l' abcès de ma haine,
que le son soit sourd, qu'il sorte sans trêve,
qu'il frappe où ça fait mal,bref et claquant,
dans le vide, il résonne, les appels des tambours
Track Name: Immanent
One here, one now
Hold me on this trip
One world, one love, no gods above
Only vibrant alive vitality. cross flow through you
what moves you from the inside

Tons of atoms, methodically random
Meanders and rhizomes, convoluted freedom

Distant and hidden paradises, for those who dies to themselves
Track Name: Blinder
Do you give yourself the choice
Do they give you the choice
Do you give yourself the right
Do they give you the right
Do you serve the one you hate
Do you feed him and think it's fate
Don't you like what's jailing you
Don't you host waht's weaking you

Is it hard to imagine, the kiss of freedom on your skin
Is it easy to work out, no one to follow, no need to guide

I can't believe, this has never stopped,
The strenght of rulers arises from ourselves,
In golden cage, we are born and raise, it's time to burn our blinder

We can do it,
We can cut the cord that enslave and feed us
We can do it,
We can snatch the drip and shut the motherfucking screen
We can do it
We can be be solar, and plunge into a trial life
We can do it
We can destroy our blinder